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Gremi International SARL



Gremi International SARL(Luxembourg) is an international holding, composed of a number of companies operating in Luxembourg, Poland and Brazil. Operations of the group are mostly focused on investments in two sectors: real estates (in Poland and in Brazil) and media (Poland).

The group was established in 1991 by a Polish entrepreneur, Grzegorz (Greg) Hajdarowicz. The first activity of the company was wholesale of pharmaceuticals. As the business grew, new activities were introduced. For 32 years GREMI has been involved in many equity investments in various projects, focusing on distressed companies, encompassing sectors such as real estate, media, dredging, furniture manufacturing, printing houses, chip card IT systems, heat pumps, hydraulics, financial services (factoring), film production and other.

Gremi International SARL - by developing business projects and establishing legal entities in Luxembourg, Brazil, Poland and the United States - is consistently implementing strategy of becoming an internationally acting holding company.

The core of Gremi International SARL business expansion strategy is represented by Portuguese speaking countries and regions of which Brazil (in particular the Arteco Estrela Project) is currently the first and most significant one.