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10th Anniversary of Eco Estrela project

A Decade of Wellness in Being

In October 2019, the Eco Estrela project has celebrated its 10th Anniversary. Throughout the decade, the project has been developed by several partners and team members, however the key members of the team have been involved in it since the very beginning. During those years, they have experienced enormous progress, achieved with tremendous efforts and extensive amounts of work.

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RAIF shares sale starts November 25th

Eco Estrela shares sale after Pre Road show in Europe, Brazil and US

In May and June of 2019, the Gremi International Team had conducted a series of business breakfasts and presentations showcasing the Eco Estrela project. The events included appearances from Brazilian politicians,  IHG representatives and a special guest – Wolf Hengst, who joined the Gremi International Team in London.

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Positive changes in Brazilian economy

Economic, social and administrative reforms.

Brazil is undergoing major transformations with important reforms from economic and financial areas, through social and administrative reforms creating a new environment for investors with greater legal certainty, low-interest rates, and lowest inflation in history. 

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Residence Brokers

Developing relationships with international agents

July throught October 2019 - several contracts and agreements signed with brokers and real estate companies. Eco Estrela will be represented by various brokers in different parts of the world operating in international markets.

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Brazil’s pension reform

The draft bill aims to save more than 1 trillion reais ($260 billion) over the next 10 years by changing workers' pension contributions, raising the minimum retirement age and closing loopholes.

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