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Eco Estrela at the 9th Brazil and World Economy Conference

On May 11 in New York, Greg Hajdarowicz, Founder of Gremi International and Piotr Maj, Eco Estrela, Head of Project Management took part to the 9th Brazil and World Economy Conference, the event outlining next important steps in Brazilian economy.

Key politicians took part to the meeting. Participants included Rodrigo Maia - President of the Chamber of Deputies, Dias Toffoli - President of Supreme Federal Court, Davi Alcolumbre, President of Senate. Event raised interest of Brazilian and American entrepreneurs - over 400 participants interested in Brazilian economy and partnerships took part. During the conference representatives of the Brazilian Senate and Parliament (holding legislative power) as well as judiciary confirmed that politicians cooperate in order to introduce reforms, in particular changes to pension scheme. Gremi International held meetings with key business organisations such as Merrill Lynch, PwC, Tischman Speyer. Piotr Maj and Greg Hajdarowicz also met with Clifford Sobel, former United States Ambassador to Brazil, who confirmed that interest of American investors in Brazilian market is growing.