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Eco Estrela at the Latin America GRI 2019

On March 27th and 28th, a group of approximately 400 leading Latin American entrepreneurs and executives have met in New York to attend the fourth edition of Latin America GRI. From the Gremi International Team, Mr. Greg Hajdarowicz (Founder) and Mr. Piotr Maj (Head of Project Management) participated actively in the conference to showcase the Eco Estrela project.

The main topics of the conference included real estate investments, hotels and residences development, challenges in the Latin American market and how to make the best out of current political and economic situations. Conferences such as this are big opportunities for informal networking, exchange of business cards and meeting potential partners or future associates. The reports from the conference indicate that the willingness to invest in Brazil is growing. Contrary to the last year’s edition of the conference (where Mexico was at the forefront of conversations related to the tourism market), this year has largely shifted its focus towards Brazil.