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Meeting With Ted Helms – Executive Director, Brasilian American Chamber Of Commerce

On March 5, Eco Estrela was presented at the meetings organized by the Brazilian American Chamber of Commerce. During the meeting it was demonstrated how the project will affect the development of Brazil, especially the Northeast region. The project will be a catalyst for future large investments in the tourism sector in the country.

Bearing in mind that Eco Estrela is developed in one of the most underprivileged parts of the country - the more it deserves the support of the government and state authorities. Eco Estrela will attract hospitality investments to Brazil but will also help develop economic sector in general. As the new member of the Chamber, Eco Estrela will help promote state of Rio Grande as the region with great potential in the area of development of hospitality, tourism, but also all related services. During the meeting the cooperation of Chamber in organizing business breakfast, in June in New York was also discussed.