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Road Show in Asia

Project rises investors interest

At the Road Show in Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, and Singapore the Eco Estrela project was presented to the senior managers of leading financial institutions, private investors and officials.

Beijing - May, 2018

As part of the establishment of economic cooperation between Brazil and China, the Brazilian government organised an official mission to Beijing. One of the highlights of the CIFTIS (China Beijing International Fair For Trade In Services) programme was a seminar where Eco Estrela project was a case study showing Brazil’s attractiveness to investors and huge potential for the development of hotel and tourist industry.

Beijing and Shanghai – September, 2018

Gremi team was an  active participant of events, organized in Beijing and Shanghai  by  Luxembourg For Finance ( as part of the week-long mission Led by Minister of Finance Pierre Gramegna in China.

Hong Kong and Singapore – September, 2018

The vision and scale of the Eco Estrela project were appreciated at the meetings held with the Ambassadors and Consuls of Brazil, and Poland in Hong Kong and Singapore. The interest of financial institutions and private investors in Eco Estrela exceed Gremi International expectations. The scale and scope of the project as well as its investment structure match with Asian investors strategy. Prestigious financial institutions and investors, such as Haitong Investment Bank; E.J.McKay; HK GCC (Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce); HK TDC (Hong Kong Trade Development Council or Invest HK (Invest Hong Kong) discussed the business potential of Eco Estrela project from Asian capital market point of view, during intensive working meetings.