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Re-Shaping Your Mindset For Future Investing

Andre Barake GRT Partners

Everything I learned in business school was put to challenge recently as the world came to a practical halt to fight a new pandemic. Clear vision, established guidelines and investment planning all converged to a state of chaotic panic with little trustworthy solutions available for our decision making.

 At GRT Partners, which I had the honor to found with Luiz Cezar Fernandes back in August 2016, we put our thinking hats together to try to understand and help our clients find direction in the midst of this unprecedented chaos. As you carefully evaluate your next moves, we urge you to continue betting on your own existing investments and to seek for new tangible opportunities that combine financial return with your vision and the dreams of other visionaries. One thing that my partners and I learned in the past 30 plus years, was that dreams are what make amazing projects possible and successful. In these times of little consensus and emotional decision making, trust your gut and take a leap of faith, but never forgetting to do your diligent analyses. Andre Barake is a Partner at GRT Partners ( ). He and his team were recently engaged to provide financial advisory for the Eco Estrela Project